2018 CLAAS of America, Inc. 1100 T

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CLAAS of America, Inc.
1100 T



A wider spread.

With the VOLTO tedder range, CLAAS delivers modern technology in working widths of 17 - 42.6 ft (4.5 to 13.0 m) with trailed or three-point linkage attachment.

  • A wider spread – the MAX SPREAD crop flow concept
  • Maintenance-free power transmission with PERMALINK finger clutch
  • CKL: Greater comfort on the job, thanks to CLAAS power drawbar
  • Dependable ground tracking, thanks to additional castor guide wheel
  • Clean field edges and consistent drying, thanks to edge-tedding crop guard
  • Model: 1100 T
  • Working width: 35 ft. 1 in. (10.70 m)
  • Rotors: 10
  • Arms per Rotor: 6
  • Hitch: 2 Pt.
MAX SPREAD Crop Flow Concept
  • Excellent: The MAX SPREAD crop flow concept is characterised by the tangential linkage of the tines. The 29.3° trailed geometry brings great improvement to the crop flow. This, in turn, facilitates higher working rates and an improved spread pattern, and also ensures that the crop is handled extremely gently.
  • Wide crop intake: Thanks to the trailed tine connection of the MAX SPREAD crop flow concept, the tines are always positioned facing or crosswise to the direction of travel as the crop is taken up. By contrast, in conventional designs, the tines operate opposed to the direction of travel in the latter half of the intake area, thus limiting the forward speed. By comparison, the tines of the MAX SPREAD crop flow concept work for 33 percent longer, facing or crosswise to the direction of travel. With MAX SPREAD, therefore, higher working speeds or operations at a reduced engine speed are possible.
  • Gentle crop transfer: Since the tines are always positioned at right angles to the crop during intake, they are able to deflect to the rear in the direction of the tine winding. This offers the advantage over conventional systems that the crop flows between the rotors in an almost perfectly straight line. This creates greater space for the crop during passage, creating the ideal conditions for enhanced throughput and exceptionally gentle handling of the forage. MAX SPREAD technology therefore also allows for the tedding of leafy crop types such as alfalfa at reduced engine speeds.
  • Maximum spread: The 29.3° trailed connection also has a positive impact on crop delivery. Like the trailed spreading blades of a fertilizer spreader, this ensures a wider and more even distribution of the harvested crop for an optimal spread pattern. This fertilizer spreader effect is further supported by tine tension release in the direction of the winding. This additional stimulus allows the crop to be spread over a full working width.
  • Performance of the highest order: For maximum tedding output over large areas in record time, we have the perfect solution: the VOLTO 1100 T. This king-sized CLAAS tedder is designed for 35.1 ft (10.7 m) working widths with just one pass. Unrivalled tedding performance Extra-wide balloon tires for reliable ground-contour following. Compact design for outstanding maneuverability.
  • The VOLTO 1100 T shows its class: 35.1 ft (10.7 m) working width with ten rotors and six tine holders per rotor. Robust carrier frame. Double wide-angle drive shaft with overload protection, with optional integrated flywheel. Robust rotor transmission for a long service life. Working height adjustment via castor guide wheel fitted as standard. The patented folding technology: a dual-acting spool valve for folding the outriggers in and out, and a single-acting valve for lifting and lowering the running gear, as well as for lifting on headlands. A mechanical crop guard is available as an option.
  • Mobility: As neat and compact as a three-point machine. Very low transport height of just 9.8 ft (3 m). Road travel is carried out quickly and safely. Wide, robust transport chassis with large transport tires for secure on-road transport and to cover long distances in short time frames.
  • New spreading arms: Open position of the tine arm for releasing the material behind the tedder and more even spreading. Better tine durability. Gentle handling of the forage, no picking into pieces of the forage while moving the material between the rotors = reduction of loss, more yield, less power consumption.



Working Width
35 ft. 1 in. (10.70 m)


Number of Rotors

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