2018 CLAAS of America, Inc. LINER 550 T

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Taking raking to a whole new dimension

From the single rotor rake, dual rotor central or side discharger, to the four rotor large-scale rake, CLAAS has the perfect solution to master any challenge

  • Exclusive to CLAAS: continuously lubricated and airtight rotor housing
  • PROFIX tine arm bracket: zero play and wear-resistant
  • Three-dimensional ground-contour following, thanks to the fully floating suspension
  • Transport height reduced to below 13.1 ft (4.0 m) without removing individual tine arms
  • Model: LINER 550 T
  • Working width: 17 ft. 0 in. (5.18 m)
  • Rotors: 1
  • LINER single rotor rakes: The LINER single-rotor rakes are specially developed by CLAAS for frequent work in smaller fields. The working widths of 17.0, 15.75, 14.5, and 11.5 ft (5.18, 5, 4.5, and 3.5 m) are ideal for these situations. LINER single-rotor rakes are renowned for high work rates and excellent reliability.
  • Runs like clockwork: For single-rotor rakes, too, CLAAS uses only continuously lubricated, hermetically sealed rotor housings. This ensures minimal wear and tear and maximum operational reliability. Cam track manufactured from wear-resistant spheroidal graphite iron; The wide connection of the tine arms absorbs vertical loads; PROFIX tine arm bracket with multiple grooves for the LINER 550 T, 500 T and 450 T minimizes wear and tear and facilitates rapid attachment and removal of tine arms.
  • All bumps smoothed out: The CLAAS contour chassis with V-shape tandem axle is positioned close to the tines and adapts to uneven ground. The configurable lateral tilt enables the machine to adjust to different forage volumes. An optional castor guide wheel enables the rake to glide over uneven surfaces, even under challenging conditions, to ensure the machine operates with minimal loss and delivers an outstanding crop quality.
  • The ideal machine everytime: CLAAS designers have also made the LINER 550 T, 500 T, 450 T and 370 T available as trailed variants so that farmers with smaller tractors can also enjoy the benefits of a high-performance rake. The trailed rakes follow effortlessly behind the tractor, even over sloping terrain. Once hitched up, the wide-track machine stays in line behind the tractor both in the field and on the road.
  • Off you go – no fuss: Just one single-acting spool valve is required to operate the trailed single-rotor rakes. The hitch design enables raising of the rotors parallel to the ground; Setting of rotor angle in the direction of travel via a built-in crank handle fitted in the drawbar cylinder; Optional: parallelogram drawbar for connection to rigid pulling mechanisms.
  • Rapid maintenance: Maintenance on the LINER is very straightforward: the airtight and continuously lubricated rotor housing is entirely-maintenance free and resistant to wear. Drive shaft with integrated overload protection and 50-hour lubrication interval.



Working Width
17 ft. 0 in. (5.18 m)

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